Choose YOUR Kind of Knife

Our shop offers many different brands and knife design – about 3,000 different choices. At, you can find knives for hunting or fishing, everyday carry, utility, tactical, and many other specific uses. Consequently, you may want to spend some time thinking about what it is you need from your knife.

If you are an experienced knife owner you probably already know what it is you are looking for. If you are not so experienced, or are shopping for a gift for someone else, you may need to give it some thought so as not to be overwhelmed by the choices.

The first step in deciding what knife to purchase is to determine how it most often may be used. Will it be used as a general household tool, or will it be kept in the truck for emergencies only? Will it become part of your everyday working tool set? Is the knife going to be primarily used for hunting, camping, or in the field for a first responder?

Some mechanical functions and structure in a knife are important to different tasks. Following is a list of common features along with their most common uses. Peruse through this list to help you in making your knife choice.

Edge Choice?

  • Choose a straight edge if you make push-type cuts most of the time, such as carving, skinning, etc.
  • Choose a serrated edge if you specifically need to cut through or slice thicker, tougher, objects such as seat belts, thick rope, fruit cake, etc.
  • Choose a coarse-ground (micro serrated) edge if you need to slice soft objects such as most rope.
  • Choose a partially serrated edge or Combo Blade if you are looking for a trusty all-purpose, utility, or everyday carry knife.

Folding or Fixed Blade?

  • A Fixed Blade knife is the most dependable knife because it is made from one piece of steel attached to a handle. A fixed blade knife is designed for the really tough jobs, and a good one lasts for years.
  • A Folding Knife may not be as durable as a fixed blade knife, but they are popular because you can carry more knife in a smaller space due to the fact that the blade folds into the handle.
  • Multi-Tool Knives – A combination tool that besides a knife, generally features an array of other commonly-used tools. Anyone can benefit from having a multi-tool knife for backup purposes.

Special safety features should always be a concern for certain knives such as those used for hunting. This includes the D-Guard which provides protection against accidents when the knife is located on the belt or while cleaning and running your hand up the blade. And finally, you will want to choose a knife that has a look or appearance that you like. This is especially true if you are purchasing a knife as a gift. Some distinguishing features of the knife include handle materials such as nylon, wood or leather.