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Available in a variety of styles and designs, the saw can be used for many purposes. This includes standard tools like the box saw that is often used to cut wood, along with the drywall and hacksaw for cutting through wallboard and metal respectively. Professional woodworkers and cabinet makers may also choose to work with a Japanese saw as it features very fine teeth which provides a smoother cut. Consequently, this carcass and tenon saw is commonly used for joinery tasks.

Saws are also useful to campers and survivalists in food preparation or collecting kindle for a fire. In fact, some manufacturers have designed saws especially for outdoorsmen. These saws are smartly designed with a fold down mechanism for easy storage and portability. They further include a locking feature for added safety and protection. Other uses of saws include tree pruning, meat cutting or breaking down game after a good hunt.

Made in varying sizes and blade lengths, our quality saws are crafted of steel  blades for push, pull or both push and pull strokes.  These blades may also feature a curved or straight blade (a personal preference) and are manufactured using non-slip handles for a secure and comfortable grip.  Some of these handles are wooden while others are crafted of a hardy plastic, aluminum or rubber.  And for added comfort, some brands are wrapped with a paracord or other material such as rattan. Finally, each saw comes with a cloth or leather case for storage and protection.

Leading manufacturers of hand saws include Gerber, Browning, and Stanley.

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