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Fixed Blade

Fixed Blade Knives

The fixed blade knife is the preferred tool for a variety of tasks. This includes hunting where the fixed blade is ideal for field dressing, skinning or boning applications. And when crafted with a short, compact blade, it becomes a slicing tool, hatchet or chopper useful in preparing sticks for firewood. Further, some fixed blade knives include a paracord or wrapped handle making it great for archery or throwing. Kept in a sheath, the fixed blade can easily be stored in a boot or belt for quick access in combat. Consequently, it is often the knife of choice for the military.

Our assortment of fixed blade knives include a variety of designs in numerous shapes and handle styles. Some are more decorative such as knives with etched blades or animal horn handles. These decorative knives are also collectible making them an ideal gift. Attractive and unique, many collectors keep them on an office desk or wall. Further, some fixed blade knives offer colored handles or blades giving the knife a more custom feel. Other knife features are strictly for functionality such as plastic, wood, stainless steel, nylon or rubber handles which enhance the grip. The handle may also feature rubber O-rings for better control. Quality made, our fixed blade knives are made of stainless steel. A variety of blade edges such as plain, fine, serrated or partially-serrated are also incorporated in the design.

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We carry a number of brands and manufacturers of fixed blade knives. This includes Gerber, Remington, Citadel, Case and SOG.

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