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Boot & Neck Knives

Fixed Blade Boot & Neck Knives

Useful in tactical, rescue and hunting applications, boot and neck knives are easy to carry and quickly accessible for emergencies. Their distinct design is made for hanging around the neck or easy storage in or on a boot.

The neck knife includes a chord or lanyard for hanging on the neck. Consequently, it is often the choice for fishermen, hikers and survivalists. Most neck knives offer fixed blades made of stainless or carbon steel, and a handle crafted of aluminum, rubber or a hardy plastic – and some wrapped in a paracord. Further, each neck knife also comes with a ball chain, clip or nylon sheath for safety and added convenience. And, neck knives come in numerous blade shapes and sizes with a full-blade, dagger, tang or minimalist blade.

Also convenient to carry, the boot knife is ideal for rescue, self-defense and protection. A concealed weapon, they are stored in the boot or outside the boot using a special clip. Crafted with fixed blades, each boot knife comes with an attractive nylon or leather sheath for a comfortable fit. And besides an assortment of sizes (including really small knives) some other features include a variety of points such as spear, clip or drop points, and aluminum or rubber handles ensuring a good grip even when wet. Consequently, military or law enforcement personnel often prefer the boot knife.

Our site includes a wide variety of boot and neck knives. This includes knives manufactured by Smith & Wesson, CRKT, Cold Steel or United Cutlery.

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