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Camping Knives & General Outdoor Adventure Knife Choices

Many like spending time exploring nature and its surroundings. These camping and outdoor enthusiasts often like to try an array of activities such as hiking, boating, fishing, and hunting. But to safely enjoy these excursions, the right equipment and supplies are needed. One of the key pieces of gear needed is a quality do-all outdoors knife. While we offer many knives specifically designed for hunting, diving, fishing, etc., many folks require a blade designed for all-around duty.

A good quality fixed blade camping and outdoor knife can be great for for daily tasks like cutting rope, chopping brush, opening cans, cutting canvas, and more. And then when you need a specialty knife for occasional tasks such as starting a fire, skinning a trout, or carving wood then you like to have those qualities already built-in to your primary general use outdoor knife.

When in the outdoors, it is crucial to have a knife readily accessible for basic tasks. Ideally, your knife should serve multiple purposes.

Shop our wide variety of camping and outdoor knives before embarking on your next outdoor adventure. All of our knives are crafted of quality materials include stainless steel blades and plastic, rubber or wooden handles.

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