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Dive Knives

Dive Knives and Scuba Knives

From providing protection from a dangerous starfish to cutting through a fishing line or kelp, a diver should never go underwater without carrying along a quality dive knife. Having one as a part of your diving gear can mean life or death. There are two styles of knives to consider when diving. This includes a folding knife that can fit easily in a pocket. However, when used in diving, the folding knife must be operational with just one hand for both safety and convenience. Further, some divers like to use knives like spear points or dagger knives for fish hunting.

Crafted of quality materials such as stainless steel or titanium (which is much lighter in weight), our dive knives are corrosion resistant. Their construction further includes a variety of non-stick handles such as plastic or rubber to allow for a more secure grip when underwater. Additionally, many of the handles include a metal butt letting your knife convert quickly into a weapon if needed. Most dive knives feature a partially-serrated, straight, fully-serrated, or combo edge blade along with a point or blunt tip (suitable for prying). Finally, our fixed blades include a sheath for storage along with easy access.

Suitable for use underwater, all of our dive knives are easily sharpened and can be taken apart for quick cleaning. Other dive tools sold in this category include dive shears, prying tools and Z-knives which are ideal for fishing and helpful with cutting fishing nets.

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