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Fishing & Fillet

Fishing Knives and Fillet Knives

Our team has put together a great collection of fishing and fillet knives, a necessity for the outdoorsmen. This includes fillet knives that will help you to take a great catch and turn it into a tasty feast. But when looking for a fillet knife, it is a good idea to determine what kind of fish you will be cleaning primarily. Truth is, the right knife will save lots of time and make the filleting process much easier. While using the wrong knife, or one with a dull blade provides more risk of injury. Additionally, while filleting you will lose good meat if not done properly with the right tool.

When looking for a fillet knife, choose one with a blade crafted of stainless steel for endurance and longevity. Next, consider the length and thickness of the blade depending upon the type of fish caught. On average the blade length ranges from 4 to 9 inches in length. So if planning to catch larger fish, you’ll want to shop our selection of blades closer to 9 inches. Also, look for a knife with a thicker blade for added power. If looking to catch small fish like pike, a fillet knife of about 4 inches will suffice. Further, all of our knives feature ergonomical handles for better comfort and sturdy gripping.

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Showing 1–9 of 22 results

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