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Fixed Blade Karambit Knives

Offering a claw or wave like design, the karambit is the perfect tool for hand to hand combat. An ideal tactical or self-defense weapon, it is used in other parts of the world in the practice of martial arts. Advantages of the karambit include their compact size and lightweight feel letting you carry this tool anywhere. And its most distinct feature may be that of a cut out design or handle opening allowing for a phenomenal grip assuring it will not slip out of your hand in the midst of a fight.

Produced in both fixed and folded varieties, these weapons are also popular with survivalists. Their construction further includes a stainless steel blade and plastic or rubber handle for durability and longevity. And more modern versions of the folded karambit are equipped with other advantages such as a remote pocket opener allowing for one hand operation. For added safety and ease of accessibility, the fixed blade is stored in a leather or nylon sheath that can be kept in a boot or carried in a shoulder harness. Finally, some karambit offer a reversible pocket clip letting you carry the knife with the tip up or down. Although it is safe to use, there is a learning curve when working with the karambit. Consequently, some manufacturers have produced training materials and a practice karambit that will not cut or injure.

Manufacturers of this curved knife include Emerson, Cold Steel, Schrade and O’Brien.

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