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Law Enforcement

Fixed Blade Knives Designed for Law Enforcement Personnel

Police officers, security and military personnel, undercover agents, and even TSA officers all rely on knives in their jobs. Whether for protection or to assist in rescues, law enforcement knives are crucial to the profession. Consequently, it is important to select a knife that is reliable and assured of functioning when needed. Simply put, a knife is no good if it can’t be reached or does not work.

For this reason, our team has assembled a collection of only the finest law enforcement knives. This includes an assortment of fixed blade and folding knives. For ease of access, each is designed to fit snugly in a pocket, hooked on a boot, or worn on a pant belt. Additionally, our law enforcement or tactical knives are constructed with a rubber or resin handle allowing the officer to get and keep a good grip even when it is wet. Some other features include a combo, serrated or plain blade edge along with a drop, clip or modified drop point.

Our law enforcement knives are quality made and designed for repeated, long-term use. Some manufacturers specializing in law enforcement knives include Benchmade, SOG, Gerber and ESEE.

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