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Outdoor and Sporting

Outdoor Knives for Hunting, Fishing, Camping, and General Field Use

Hunters, fishermen. campers, and anyone else spending time outdoors should not be without a quality knife. In addition to being a utility and/or survival tool, you can use the knife for a variety of tasks when enjoying the great outdoors.

We carry a wide variety of hunting knives. skinning and boning knives, and knives designed for fishing duties like filleting or bait preparation. There are also special knives designed for hikers that can easily cut rope while also fitting neatly into a backpack.

Even more important, the outdoor and sporting knife is helpful in all kinds of emergencies. Some uses may include trimming skin from blisters, cutting sticks for wood or even getting a fire started.

Depending upon the sport, certain size or style of knives are more suitable. For example, backpackers will want to carry a small or compact knife with them, or they might opt to take a multi-tool along. Hunters and fishermen on the other hand will need a solid fixed blade knife designed specifically for work with game or fish. This includes buck, fillet, boning or scaling knives. Shop our wide variety of fixed blade outdoor and sporting knives to find the exact tool you will need for your next adventure.

Also see our fixed blade knife categories containing knives specifically designed for general camping & outdoors use, diving & scuba, fishing & fillet, hunting, or skinning & boning.

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Showing 1–9 of 179 results

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