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Rescue Survival L.E.

Rescue Knives, Survival Knives, Law Enforcement Knives

Survivalists have long known of the need to carry a knife along on wilderness outings or excursions. But even when in the city, a well-made knife can also be beneficial. This is especially true for emergency or law enforcement personnel.

A good survival knife has saved the lives of many, and at a minimum has made life easier at times. Along with cutting sticks for fire, brush for shelter, or killing game for food, this knife can serve as a weapon against wild animals. And if climbing or hiking, a survival knife may be needed to cut a rope or open a food packet. No matter the need, survival knives come in a variety of sizes including small and lightweight designs for carry in a backpack or tote.

Law enforcement and emergency personnel have also found a use for knives in their rescue efforts. According to reports, many EMT’s have used rescue knives to cut accident victims away from seatbelts. Additionally, knives have served as a secondary weapon for law enforcement officers when their gun is unavailable or malfunctioning.

For ease of use rescue knives, survival knives, and law enforcement knives come in a variety of sizes, styles, and designs. This includes the popular one-hand operation folding knife, along with fixed blade knives crafted with pocket clips or sheaths. Generally each knife is constructed with a clip, spear, drop or modified drop point blade crafted of stainless steel.

Also used as a weapon in self-defense, other public safety knives include the tactical axe, dagger, punch or infantry knife. The multi-blade knife is also common in survival kits.

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