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Skinning & Boning

Fixed Blade Knives Designed for Skinning and Boning Game

Any seasoned hunter knows that the hunt doesn’t end with bringing down the animal. It is essential that we skin and gut the animal for transport and to preserve the meat. This may require a quality boning knife and a skinning knife. Whether small or large game, skinning and boning knives may be necessary.

On the hunt a general utility hunting knife may also be needed for protection as well as daily tasks like cutting twine, opening cans or chopping sticks for a fire.

Some other tools ideal for the seasoned and experienced hunter include an axe, hatchet, gut hook or caping knife. And, bird hunters may further benefit from a stag knife, game shears or bird/trout knife.

All of our knives include a stainless steel blade with a drop or clip point. Each is also equipped with a high quality handle for easy gripping and control while skinning or deboning your caught prey.

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