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Tactical Fighting Military

Tactical Knives, Military, and Combat Knives

Law enforcement and military personnel often resort to a knife in tactical situations. Consequently, many knife manufacturers have invested lots of time and resources to design heavy duty knives suitable for combat and self-defense. We carry a variety of tactical, fighting, and military knives. This includes combat knives such as karambits, Bowie, and neck knives.

Many prefer the fixed blade as a concealed weapon. One reason is that they can be stored in a sheath then kept in a boot or on a belt for easy access. And a fixed blade is very dependable. A few ideal features of combat or tactical knives include a clip, spear or drop point, as well as a dagger or tanto knife blade. Nylon or rubber handles are also important to assure a good grip even when the knife is wet with either sweat or blood. Many of these knives are also lightweight with a sleek design despite their strength and durability.

Shop Fixed Blade Tactical, Military, and Fighting Knives:

Some leading manufacturers of tactical, fighting, and military knives include SOG, Buck, Puma, and the Ontario Knife Company. They are all made of quality materials for use in the most rugged conditions. This includes stainless steel or carbon steel blades enhancing and improving the lifespan of each knife.

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