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Assisted Opening

Assisted Opening Folding Knives

Able to operate using either the left or right hand, or to open using just one hand, assisted opening folding knives make a great carrying knife. They come in a number of blade sizes and styles, and are produced by various manufacturers including Kershaw, Smith & Wesson, United Cutlery and Schrade. Additionally, there are a number of designer models on the market that feature animal, camouflage, metallic, iridescent or pink patterns.

Our site carries a wide assortment of folding knives with assisted opening systems including specialty knives like karambit, stiletto or skinning knives, as well as rescue tools with strap cutters and window breakers. Finally, choose a handle material that will work best for you. Our options include stainless steel, aluminum, rubber or wood along with an optional sculpted or textured finish. All provide a secure and comfortable grip.

Safe and secure, the assisted opening knife requires no manual assistance thus minimizing the risk of accidents or injury. Thus, it is popular amongst hunters, fishermen, survivalists and hikers. And offering speedy operation, it is also used by military personnel and law enforcement officers. Folding knives-assisted opening are most often carried in a pocket, however, they can be concealed in a boot or backpack, or used in conjunction with a clip. Their stainless steel blade affords them long life and durability, and further makes them suitable for an array of tasks including cutting, slicing, spearing or peeling.

Some states have made carrying the folding knives-assisted opening illegal. Consequently, it is important to research and understand your state’s laws before making a purchase.

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