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Multi Blade Pocket Knives

It can be cumbersome and inconvenient to carry around multiple knives. However, multiple blades may come in handy when required to do a variety of tasks. Thus, the multi-blade folding knife is of great benefit. Usually designed with from two to four blades, it is still compact and easy to carry. The combination typically includes a variety of blade lengths and types such as a clip, spey or sheepsfoot blades. Some further incorporate designs specifically for a particular task or sport such as fishing, hunting or hiking. Examples include a combo hunting knife with gut hook and skinner or both a saw blade and field pick for either hunting or trapping. Another is an electrician’s knife with insulation cutter and wire scraper.

Offering great craftmanship, many of our folding knives (multi-blade) feature a special pattern or look such as camouflage, skulls or bone scale designs. Each is also constructed with a secure locking mechanism for both safe opening and closing. Added features of the multi-blade folding knives may further include a thumb stud or lever for easy opening with just one hand, as well as operation with either the left or right hand. Also thin, they will fit neatly in either a front or back pocket; however, if desired, you can carry it in a leather sheath.

Manufacturers of our folding knives include Benchmade, Buck, Westward and SOG. Some states prohibit or limit the carry of knives. Consequently, it is important to become familiar with your state’s laws and knife regulations before beginning to carry.

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