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Survival Knives

Folding Survival Knives

Survivalists know the importance of always having a knife on hand. Whether chopping brush, whittling wood, or hunting for food, the knife is one of the most useful tools you can have in the wilderness.

When selecting a survival knife, you will have many options to choose from; one being that of a single blade folding knife. The single blade folding knife is simple and easy to operate, yet strong and able to handle many tasks. Compact and lightweight, this is the choice of many survivalists as it will not weigh you down or hinder your travel. Although small, they often feature sharp blades crafted of stainless or carbon steel for durability.

Single blade folding knives – survival knives are also designed with a strong handle made of aluminum, plastic, rubber or wood. And for safety, it includes a locking mechanism to ensure it stays open and doesn’t release on the hand thus causing injury. This mechanism is also helpful when it is closed as it further protects by keeping the knife from opening while in the pocket. Additionally, you’ll want to decide between a serrated (ideal if you plan to cut rope) or non-serrated (plain edge) blade. And, the size of the blade determined based upon your expected use. Finally, for added security, our survival knives may further include a sheath or pocket clip.

We also carry a large selection of fixed blade survival knives.

Peruse or survival knife department to find the right tool to take with you on your next adventure. Some leading manufacturers include Gerber, CRKT, Benchmade and Stockman.

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