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Single Blade Folding

Single Blade Folding Knives

Folding knives are multi-purpose tools used for utility, tactical, hunting and fishing applications. Available in numerous models, some folding knives offer a single blade while others may offer multiple blades or a multi-tool design. Other features of the single blade folding knife include a sleek, compact and lightweight design for easy carrying. Concealed but able to access quickly, it is often found in the pocket of a servicemen, EMS worker or police officer.

Simple and easy to operate, most single blade folding knives include a locking mechanism for added safety. Fitting comfortably in the hand, these knives are designed for either manual or automatic use (that is able to open with the simple push of a button). Consequently, the single blade folding knife is a favorite with outdoorsmen such as hunters, fishermen and campers.

Single blade folding knives are conveniently stored in the pocket, backpack or purse. Nevertheless, some come equipped with pocket clips for carrying without a sheath. Blade materials used with single blade folding knives include stainless steel or carbon steel making them both water resistant and durable. Each is further constructed with non-slip handles crafted of aluminum, wood or rubber.

Some leading manufacturers of the single blade folding knife include Buck, Klein, Case and Cold Steel. Handmade or designer models are also sold with handles constructed of exotic wood, ivory or specialty steels. Collectibles, these are passed from generation to generation.

Peruse our wide selection of single blade folding knives. However, before carrying them on your person, be sure to check the laws and state regulations regarding knives.

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