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Multi-Tools : Pocket Tool Kits

Multi-tools make a great supplemental tool for hunters, survivalists, fishermen and rescue personnel. It is also an ideal tool to carry daily for multiple uses. Often referred to as a Swiss Army knife or multipurpose knife, along with a single blade, multi-tools are further equipped with several other tools. With near endless combinations, you can choose the tools you want on your device. Some options include a screwdriver, wire cutters, pliers, scissors and bottle openers, along with personal care items such as tweezers or nail files.

Some multi-tools are created for specific activities such as camping or rescue. Along with a blade, these instruments include an array of utensils or items tailored to common tasks. Some examples include a window breaker and/or seat cutter for rescue personnel, or a hammer, fish scaler, hook remover and ruler for outdoorsmen. Carried daily by many, our manufacturers have designed multi-tools with fun and attractive patterns such as the American flag, camouflage or animal images. Vibrant colors such as red, yellow and orange are also available along with more feminine styles such as pink or floral designs. Attractive pouches, carry cases or pocket clips come with or can be purchased for our multi-tools.

All of our multi-tools are crafted of corrosion-resistant stainless steel and spring loaded for easy access, folding and storage. Popular manufacturers of multi-tools include Victorinox (carriers of a more traditional multi-tool), SOG and Leatherman (featuring a more slender and modern design).

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