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Mini Pry Bars & Access Tools

Mini Prybars and Access Tools

Whether you are at home or on the road, a multi-tool can save time and possibly even your life.  One handy device combines mini prybars with a variety of other tools such as wire strippers, screwdrivers, bottle openers, ruler scales and file edges. Why a mini prybar? Many often use their blades for daily tasks such as prying open boxes or cans, as well as work related duties like prying loose nails. Although a blade may actually work, it will become dull and damaged because it is not suitable for these tasks. Consequently, a mini prybar is a versatile tool that you can find many uses for. This is especially true for mechanics, handymen, painters or others who work with their hands.

In emergencies, the prybar can be used to pry open a door or even break a window. Compact and lightweight, you can carry the mini prybars and/or access tool in a front or back pocket. And great for outdoorsmen, it is also a useful tool to store in a backpack when camping, hiking, hunting or fishing. For urban survivalists, this multi-tool makes a popular addition to an everyday carry bag (or EDC).  Further, its smart and clean design looks almost like a single tool making it ideal for placement on a keychain.

Our mini prybars and access tools are all crafted of stainless steel or titanium for strength and endurance.  Leading manufacturers of this multi-tool include Leatherman, CRKT, KutMaster and Gerber.

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