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Personal Safety

Personal Safety Multi-Tools

Designed for emergency and rescue, personal safety multi-tools can be life savers.  Although suitable to carry with you on an outdoor camping excursion, they are just as beneficial in and around the city. Whether taking a trip out of town or simply shopping at a nearby grocer, you will feel more comfortable having one of our tools with you. Along with an alarm and/or light to draw attention when in crisis, it offers a number of other handy tools. This includes items like seat cutters, window breakers, whistles and/or LED flashlights. Some may be further equipped with everyday tools such as a plain edge blade, screw driver or nail file. Peruse our selections to choose the right tool for your lifestyle.

Small and compact, most personal safety multi-tools are easily carried in a purse, but can also be hooked to a key chain or attached to a belt via a pocket clip for quick access.  Crafted of stainless steel or titanium, these multi-tools are made to last and withstand even the harshest weather or environmental conditions. Created by leading knife manufacturers such as Leatherman, SOG and Gerber, they feature quality craftsmanship and a smart design.

Let someone know you care about them by purchasing a personal safety multi-tool for them. They make an ideal gift for a girlfriend, parent or co-worker, and will provide extra protection and security for college students or 2nd/3rd shift workers having to walk alone late at night.

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